Funds help underserved kids come on a field trip to the Aquarium.


How does that work?

Classroom teachers apply through the Aquarium’s Education Department. Eligible classes receive up to 100% off the cost of the program.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is correlated with Title 1 status and percent of students receiving free and reduced school lunch.

What programs are there?

We serve students in grades PreK-12. Topics focus on grade-level content that covers state educational standards in science. Full program list can be viewed on the Aquarium’s website. Think guided tours, Aquatic Habitats, Animal Adaptations, and more.

Does it cover transportation?

It can cover transportation in limited cases. It also can be applied to virtual field trips so transportation is not a barrier.

I’m a teacher, where can I get an application?

On the teacher resource page on the Aquarium’s website. Or email

I’d like to sponsor a student.

Any round up amount helps. $11 covers the full program fee for one student.