Spotted Turtle Preservation

A convergence of factors—declining water quality, loss of habitat, illegal black market poaching and increased natural predators—pose a significant challenge to the spotted turtle populations in Northeast Ohio. The Splash Fund underwrites specific expenses related to monitoring and boosting spotted turtles numbers in the wild.

Spotted Turtle on log

Alarmed by the dwindling number of spotted turtles, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife lists the reptile as a threatened species that should be “vigorously protected” in the Buckeye State. The shallow wetlands turtle with distinctive bright yellow spots is becoming increasingly difficult to find. SPOTD, a broad, multi-agency effort to headstart the species, works to identify and monitor spotted turtles in the wild and then to recover eggs for incubation. Any resulting hatchlings are reared for release when they reach a size more advantageous to their survival. The Splash Fund underwrites specific expenses related to the care, observation and release of spotted turtles.

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