Spotted turtles are threatened in Northeast Ohio. The Splash Fund partners with the Wild4Ever Foundation and numerous other environmental and educational agencies across the region to boost the number of little turtles with the distinctive yellow spots in the wild.

Declining water quality, loss of wetlands habitat, natural predators and illegal poaching are challenging spotted turtle populations in Northeast Ohio, but there’s something simple craft beer drinkers can do to help the native species—consume to conserve. As a followup to its 2018 special release porter benefiting spotted turtle research and headstarting, in 2019 Terrestrial Brewing Company created I Am Still Saving the Turtles Pale Ale. 10% of the sales of this easy drinking, dry-hopped pale ale with peachy and tropical notes benefitted spotted turtle headstarting efforts.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium currently is rearing a number of spotted turtles in quarantine, some of which are likely candidates to be released this year into a protected Northeast Ohio habitat. These spotted turtle hatchlings will be microchipped so they can be monitored by radio transmitter.